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Evolution in Security

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Since 1992

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The Security Franchise


Crucial to a successful security service, guarding is the strength of the physical manpower on-site. Our very careful selection and training is an important step in delivering a stable and secure service.

24/7 Access Control

Managing movement onto and off the premises allows us to minimize any attempts of criminals to gain access to the property legally and then do the damage from inside.

Mobile Patrol Services

Good security practices include a "concentric circle" of defense. Mobile patrols allow us to extend our circle and often to identify criminals as they are "scouting" for their next hit.

Value Add Services

Delivering security services needs effective support services , we developed our own to be more in control of the processes. Our value add on your employees and residents is also significant.

24/7 Control

The Control Room is an integral part of the support chain. This control room supports all the franchises.


Customers and staff have access to various technologies and reports, this tab under strict access control.

Professional Service

All staff within The Security Franchise, not just our security officers, have been thoroughly security vetted. Vetting and training of group personnel is done in-house.

Affordable Prices

The bundled multi discipline capability of The Security Franchise allows for greater cost saving as infra-structure is shared and purchasing power is combined. This leads to a more cost effective service being delivered to the customer.

Great Support

A single call to our Integrated Call Centre provides access to the entire Security Franchise. The Call Centre will ensure that your request is directed to the right person and provide a follow up service to ensure customer satisfaction.

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